TSC has today given main Reasons for Disqualifying teachers in on going Replacement Interviews 2022


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In the ongoing TSC interviews, many shortlisted applicants have been disqualified during the recruitment interview after facing the panelists.

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The reasons that have been leveled towards them are things that many of us tend to overlook but are very important.



The following marks the reasons for disqualification during the recruitment interview


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Some teachers have gone ahead to forge the academic credentials as some of them maybe did not graduate from their colleges. If an applicant presents a forged document, it acts as a basis for disqualification. What the TSC does, is that they contact the university that awarded that certificate in order to ascertain the credibility of the presented certificate.



2.Deregistered Teachers


Some teachers might have joined the service earlier but got deregistered by the commission maybe under professional misconduct or dismissal. If one has been deregistered by the commission, this serves as the basis for disqualification during interviews.



3.Possession of Two TSC Number

It’s clear that one may be assigned two TSC numbers by the commission through either making the application twice knowingly or unknowingly, or one may have been registered and then later deregistered by the commission and decided to apply for the number once again. If you are found in possession of two numbers, this will serve as a ground for disqualification during interviews.


If you have two TSC numbers, return one of them to the TSC headquarters so that it can be deleted from the database to avoid disqualification during interviews.


4.Not Meeting Minimum Requirements

The commission gas set the minimum requirements for one to be employed as a teacher such as Mean grade of C+ plus at KCSE or its equivalent and Minimum of C+ plus in the two teaching subjects. If one misses to meet these thresholds, then automatically you will be disqualified.


5.Certificates From Unrecognised Institutions

Some teachers may posses certificates from oversee countries which are not recognized by the commission, therefore if one is in possession of the same, he/she will be disqualified from attending an interview.


Therefore, it’s ethical to conduct background check of the university you are attending whether its recognized by the Kenyan Teachers Service Commission.


6.Not Declaring Your Previous Employment

During online applications, the commission requires that you indicate whether you have ever worked with the commission at any given point. Not giving truthful information concerning your employment status with the commission will act as a ground for disqualification.


7.Lack of Teaching Exposure

Some teachers might have taken a certain subject combination but later on discover its not marketable and decide to go for enhancement in another subject, without going through teaching practice for that particular subject he/she enhanced. Therefore, this implies that one lacks teaching exposure in that particular area. Therefore, this will act as a ground for disqualification during recruitment interviews.


8.Missing on the graduation List

Some teachers may have graduated but their names may miss in the list of graduants. If this happens, one will be disqualified.


Therefore, it’s now clear that when you are attending the TSC interviews, one must present the graduation booklet that will serve as a evidence for graduation apart from the certificate.

Different Names On The Certificates


The names that are appearing on the certificates, from KCPE, KCSE and Degree certificate must be consistent. If different names appear on the certificates, then one will be disqualified.


In such an instance, one will be required to produce a sworn in affidavit to prove the authenticity of the names.


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