TSC, Important Documents that will be Required During the Competitive September 2021 Teacher Internship Recruitment exercise

The Teacher Service Commission through the CEO Dr Nancy Macharia hinted to to continue hiring intern teachers for the next two years that is till 2023.




The commission is aiming in recruiting and hiring about 19,000 teachers every year till 2022 so as to curb teacher shortage and also in preparation for 2023 double intake in secondary school.





The 2020 intern teachers were awarded 30 marks which helped them alot during 2021 July mass recruitment.





It is now clear that the mass recruitment scoring sheet is favouring intern teachers giving them highest chances of being absorbed in permanent and pensionable teaching job.





This year’s TSC move to give interns 30 marks will make 2021 awaited intern interviews more competitive.




This is because every teacher that will secure intern post will be assured of getting permanent job before even completing the 12 months it internship program.




In order to secure intern post come September,teachers seeking the same need to have the following crucial documents for smooth interviews and to overcome that stiff competition.




1. Leaving Certificates

Apart from college/university Academic transcripts, the KCPE, KCSE, Degree and Diploma certificates , leaving Certificates have been emerging as one of the crucial required documents.




Teachers must be having all the leaving Certificates for all primary, secondary and college institution attended. If attended two primary school then you produced two primary leaving Certificates.




2. Graduation booklet

Due to high forgery more so in university degree and diploma certificates, TSC established a system of confirming graduation details from respective Universities and colleges




Therefore all applicants are required to have the booklet with them during interview.



3. Valid TSC registration Certificate

During the 2021 July mass recruitment,to break a tie in interviews, the foremost consideration was early TSC registration Number. There 2021 graduate teachers are advices to register as teacher with TSC as soon as they graduate.



4.Leadership and special talent certificate

These include class teacher,games teacher, coach and HOD appointment letters or any other acknowledgement as a leader. They comprise 1 mark.




5. Co-curriculum participation certificate.

All teachers are expected to participate in extra co-curriculum activities. But this will apply for certificates issued during the year 2019 and before . There has been no games since 2020 due to Corona pandemic.




6. Student progressive Record

Analysed students progress record since the year you started practicing as a teacher. The record should be on a markbook.



Please ensure you are prepared with the above documents in advance for the preparation of interviews, thank you.




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