TSC, Important reasons as to why every unemployed teacher should apply for the recently advertised teachers teaching internship vacancies

From the recently completed July mass recruitment of  teachers, it saw 5000 unemployed teachers secure a permanent job with TSC. This was a sigh of relief to these teachers since the burden of life due to hard economy had overpowered them.



Most of these teachers who were unemployed had families who depended on them survival. In the country, there are more than 300,000 teachers who are trained and registered  according to TSC Act 2012.



Despite employing of the 5000 teachers on permanent basis, there is still a crisis of lack of enough teachers in most  schools. This is due to the fact that the government supports the 100% transition of learners from primary to secondary schools.


Due to this problem, the commission had put in place some measures to solve the problem  by recruiting of 3000 intern teachers yearly in a span of five years. This will see 15,000 unemployed registered teachers get employed.


To respond to this measure, Yesterday the commission advertised 1995 internship teaching vacancies for both primary and secondary schools. This was good news to most of unemployed  teachers as they will have a chance of securing the employment opportunity.


As every teacher is seeking to secure the chance he or should know the  internship has the following importance as it came out very well during the July mass recruitment exercise.



Those who were employed in internship  were given the upper hand by awarding them extra 30 marks.  This made the be the most competitive candidates which led to most of them get absorbed by TSC. Those of them who were not employed in internship suffered a blow  as they missed the opportunity.  This became a learning lesson to all and vowed try out to be in internship programme whenever TSC announces job vacancies



From the above lesson, if any teacher need to be absorbed with TSC and get employed in permanent and pensionable terms, he or she must go through the internship. This is a policy that  TSC is gradually introducing so as to avoid employing teachers who have never been to class for even five years. This is because most of these teachers would have poor delivery of content to learners whenever they get employed.



The commission has  also advised the registered teachers who wish to be employed to keep teaching in schools on BOM terms as this will be an added advantage in future in every recruitment of teachers by TSC.



My short advice is that  ensure you fight hard, apply for the advertised post so as in the next  mass recruitment exercise you will be having an upper hand to be absorbed permanently by TSC.




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