Tsc interdicts over 50 Teachers, Check out the reasons below


Today tsc has interdicted 50 Teachers country wide. This are the reasons behind the interdiction



If you need to keep your job with TSC you should avoid all the following offences


1.Avoid forging any of your Documents at all

If any applicant  make s a mistake of submitting forged documents, he or she will be automatically Disqualified at the point of recruitment.


2. Ensure that you are fully registered by TSC according to TSC act

If any case it happened that gou are not registered, then TSC will not at all employ you. Also if deregistration occurred  then securing a job will be a mountain to climb since you will not get that job totally.


Teachers who have been deregistered due to dismissal from service or professional misconduct is another reason for disqualification during interview.


3. Avoid registering yourself with TSC more than once

Possession of more than one TSC numbers is a criminal offense that leads to an automatic disqualification from the employment exercise by Teachers  service commission.



4. If one doesn’t meet the set minimum requirements for employment

If by any chance TSC discovers that a candidate hasn’t met the minimum set standards for employment like having a C plus as a general grade in KCSE, the  disqualification is done immediately.


5. If one is in possession of certificates from the institution which are not recognized by the Ministry of education

Ensure you have an educational certificate that comes from an institution  globally recognised by the Ministry of education of Kenya. With this you will secure a job by TSC.



6. Not Declaring Your Past Employment

It is always important to note that TSC requires applicants to indicate whether they were previously employed by the commission. If no one indicates, he/she will be disqualified.



7. If one fails to accept accept that he or she was sometimes back employed by TSC

If at early times one was employed by TSC, anx during recruitment he or she fails to admit it, the disqualification is done since the act is always criminalised


8.Ensure that you are found in the graduation book of your institution

Lack of your name in the graduation list leads to automatic disqualification. Tos show proof carry with you the graduation book of your year.


9.If there is differences in names on ones certificates

If the commission discover any sloght change in the names portrayed in the certificate of a candidate during recruitment, he or she subjected to disqualification since that is termed as impersonation which is a criminal offense


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