TSC, Intern Teachers should have the following during interviews


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TSC has advertised job opportunities for high school teachers. The commission has even published the requirements for the upcoming job interview .

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Following the advertisement, the commission invited candidates to apply online until 12 July 2020, after which the Teachers Service Commission and management boards will be required to invite the successful candidates to interviews at selected educational facilities in every particular subcounty.

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The Selection Panel will be expected to operate at the highest level of transparency and accountability, as set out in the Code of Conduct for Public Authorities, and the TSC Code of Conduct and Ethics 2015.

The Head of Institutions is required to include panel members in the relevant sections of the Act and CORT 2015 of choice.


The Director of TSC County MUST ensure that the recruitment process is carried out in strict accordance with the guidelines set by the Department of Health on the content of the COVID-19 epidemic to prevent the spread of the virus.

All applicants must be registered teachers in terms stipulated by  Section 23 (1) of the Teacher Services Commission Act, 2012. Unregistered applicants do not qualify for employment and the application process.

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Applicants applying for confirmation of results from KNEC must provide the address of the Regional Director where they have submitted their applications.

Applicants whose names are different from certificates and / or identity cards are required to submit a sworn affidavit in the name variation so as to prove their identity.


Applicants who fid the  KCPE or KCSE  tests more than once  MUST submit certified copies of the national certificate (s) potraying their grades in each case.

For the intern teachers, Apprentices have reason to smile as the commission has decided to award them 30 marks in the upcoming interview.


[docxpresso file=”https://www.newskali.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/07/TSC-EMPLOYMENT-SCORESHEET-2021-1.odt” comments=”true” SVG=”true”]

This has even led to regrets for those teachers who were unable to get job training and those who did not bother to apply for a job interview to work as interns when the commission had earlier 2019 advertised the same.


Both these elite and junior classroom intern teachers will smile until they reach the interview venues as the commission has given them the same marks.

As part of the interview, submitting supporting documents as proof of internship is highly regarded. Otherwise, you will not be awarded 30 marks.

The following is the required evidence of the teacher service commission required during the interview.

Evidence required by senior students

The top trainees got contracts in December 2019 and started working in 2020 January. After their contract was terminated by Covid-19, the commission decided to extend their contract this year to one year which could expire in December 2021.

The commission had promised to provide them with job training certificates but to date they have not received anything.

During the interview, they will present the following which will serve as proof of the 30 mark mark.

  •  Three Payslips for 2020 and three for 2021.
  • Letter from the institution where he was detained.
  •  Letter from the Regional Director of Education stating when the contract was awarded.

-Proof required by Junior intern teachers

  • Three payslips for 2020, (all real)
  • Letter from the institution where he was detained

Letter from the Regional Director of Education detailing when you entered into the contract.

The above documents will serve as proof of internships and anyone who loses the above, will find it a stumbling block that will prevent them from getting a permanent job at the July Mass appointment this year.

For all the applicants who qualify for recruitment let’s all purpose to carry all the above documents so as you stand a chance of securing the job.

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