*TSC list teachers who are completely banned from next internship employment*

The following teachers are ineligible in the upcoming intern recruitment exercise;


1. Those teachers who Miss in the graduation book List.

Missing In the graduation book list can hinder one to be disqualified during TSC interviews. One to be safe must provide a graduation book list having the true names of the applicant.




2. Those teachers without TSC numbers.

Teacher Service Commission(TSC) do keep records of teachers cases and once a teacher has been dismissed for one reason or another, the teacher is likely to be disqualified.




3. Those teachers who Avoided to declare their previous employment

In this case before facing the panelists for an applicant to stand in better position not to be disqualified must state if he/she was employed previously by the commission.




4. Those teachers who do not meet TSC minimum requirements.

The TSC has given clear requirements for one to be a teacher whether primary or secondary level. Unfortunately some teachers ignore this and go ahead to train as teachers. When such teachers appear before the panel they likely to be disqualified .



5. Possession of two TSC numbers.

TSC states that a teacher should be registered once. In a case where a teacher has two TSC numbers , the teacher can be disqualified as well, the teacher is regarded to commit professional misconduct.



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