*TSC lists more teachers to be deployed from primary to secondary schools as from January. checkout more details*

Primary school teachers are looking forward to many more schools opening next year. Of these, 36,000 were provided by TSC to the Managing Director of Dr. TSC.


After it became known that she had sent a doctor, Nancy Maharia said that it was because high school was about to end.


Secondary schools need more secondary school teachers, so large-scale deployment is required. President Uhuru Kenyatta has instructed the Ministry of Finance to allocate funds to the Ministry of Education to build additional classrooms.

The process has already begun and Macharia says she will hire more teachers next year. He added that more primary school teachers will be transferred to secondary school teachers. Good news for this group.




Nancy Macharia further says that in recent years, secondary schools have experienced a high enrollment of students.


This is because there is 100% transition. As students enrollment increases, more teachers are needed in secondary schools.



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