*TSC lists Tough New Penalties For Teachers Who Will Not Have Declared Their Wealth After Today’s Deadline*

Teachers employed by teachers service Commission and civil servants working under Public service Commission and other government agencies are required by law to declare their wealth.



With the deadline being today on December 31, the said Officers risk being slapped with fines to the tune of Ksh 1 Million or go to jail.



Workers who are on leave, those on Interdiction as well as those who are on special leaves are encouraged to file their declarations before the portals are closed tonight.



Details of Children, spouses and Properties which comprise of assets and liabilities should be clearly stated.




The officers have been warned against giving false information.



Declaration of wealth is a move which was introduced by the government to help curb corruption and embezzlement of funds in public institutions.




Each and every property owned by a public Officer must be accounted for failure to Which it will be forfeited to the State.



Do you think wealth declarations has helped curb corruption? Feel free to share your thoughts and comments on this on our comments platform.

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