TSC, Marks that the Newly employed intern teachers will have in July mass recruitment

In the past years during Teacher service commission teachers employment exercise, those teacher working in contract as interns are always given the first priority to get employed.

The marks that the Teacher service commission award the teachers working in intern are ten(10) marks which will still continue down to the newly employed intern teachers during the mass recruitment in the month of July.

According to previous information concerning the senior intern teachers whose contract period was extended a year further, the commission will have a fair distribution of the 10 marks to both the newly employed interns and the senior interns despite those newly employed being halfway in their contract.

This intern exercise scheme was  introduced by the Teacher service commission in the year 2019 during the month of December.

The main objective why the Teacher service commission came up with employment scheme was to reduce the problem of shortage of Secondary schools teachers due to the 100% transition of learners from primary to secondary school by the Government.

The Teacher Service commission realised that the ratio of teachers to learners in most of secondary schools in the country was really wanting, yet the learners who transited from primary wanted to be taught. 

Since the exercise started in 2019, the Teacher service commission has employed a total of 16,000 intern secondary teachers.

This has been a great advantage to many  teachers in intern in such a way  that at any particular time when TSC advertises job vacancies, the individuals always get an upper hand of being employed permanently than individuals who are not in intern.

Alot of conerns have been  raised regarding to the marks that the Teacher service commission will be awarding candidates who are senior interns and those who are newly employed during the July Mass Recruitment process.

TSC  has all the say that, any candidate who is employed on contract by TSC will score a maximum of 10 marks whether senior or newly employed during employment.

Incase there is a tie, this is the moment when the commission will scale it down to assess whether their is a senior intern or a new intern between the candidates. This will eventually break the tie.

TSC early this month announced throughthe CEO Dr. Macharia  that it has plans to employ 5,000 Secondary school teachers in the month of July. This will be good news to teachers who are intern since it will be a high relief  from the bondage of a  strict contract terms they ainwd during their employment.

On addition more 3,500 intern secondary school teachers will be also get  employed by the commission in July for a period of two(2) years contract.

TSC will continue employing 5,000 teachers every year for three(3) years so that it will reduce the high cases of unemployment for teachers in the country. 

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