TSC new academic and professional registration requirements for teachers


1) Mathematics will no longer be a mandatory requirement for university admission for students pursuing a diploma or degree in education. This means that in the next KUCCPS placement, the D+ requirement in mathematics rule shall not apply.


2) Those who will not teach Mathematics in secondary schools will not be locked out of education training courses for not passing the subject in high school.

3) Those who will teach nursery schools will not be required to have passed mathematics to gain admission to diploma and degree teaching Courses.


4) KUCCPS is under advisory to use guidelines presented by Teachers Service Commission (TSC) on academic and professional requirements.

5) Admissions to Diploma in Primary Teacher Education (DPTE) and Diploma in Early Childhood Teacher Education (DECTE),the requirements is still KCSE mean Grade C (plain)with a C (plain)in English, Kiswahili, Mathematics and any of the humanities and sciences subjects.



The registration of teachers is done  by the Teacher Service Commission (TSC). The authority the TSC has is from the 2010 constitution of Kenya under article 237 which directs it to register a qualified person as a teacher and also review the standards of education and training of the person entering the teaching world.





According to the TSC act of 2012 Section 23(2), any person should not be found teaching in any school whether private or public if he or she is not registered by TSC. Further conditions and procedures are also provided in Teacher  service  Commission code of regulation 2015 part III.



There is an online platform provided by TSC and registration of teachers is done. This can only be achieved if the person registering as a teacher has all the documents.


If all the necessary documents are available, one is required to visit the TSC website www.teachersonline.go.ke and start the whole application process.


Once application process is completed online, TSC receives the data and starts the vetting of the documents immediately. After the process of vetting is completed the applicant is notified the decision within thirty days from the first day of application.


The applicant is issued with the TSC having having a registration number upon a successful vetting. The teacher is allowed to pick the certificate from the postal address provided during application. Through the online platform, the applicant can check their registration status or the TSC number.




For a Kenyan netizen  registering as a teacher, he or she must  have the following requirements


Must have a certificate of good conduct

Must have a copy of identity  card  or passport

Must have a copy of KRA pin certificate

Must have in possession at academic and professional certificate from a recognized institution which is relevant.

Dully filled GP 69  medical form


Accompanying the above  requirements is payment of registration fee must be made. This  is a non-refundable fee of Ksh 1055 made to the TSC through National Bank of Kenya using the account number 0100100090501. Payment can also  be done through Mpesa playbill number 625625.


Incase  the applicant is a non-citizen, he or she  should have the  following requirements,


academic and professional certificates and an evidence for registration as a teacher obtained in Kenya or the country of origin

All the  academic and professional certificates one has  must have been awarded from a well known foreign institution and equated by the relevant public body in Kenya.

A certificate  of registration as a teacher or the authority to teaching in the country of origin.

Must have a valid  entry or work permit from  the department of immigration

Must have a valid certificate of good conduct issued by the relevant  law enforcement agency in the country of origin

He or she must also have a valid vetting letter from Ministry of Education pay the compulsory fee of ksh.1055



The above mentioned documents must be  certified by either  the County  Director  of TSC or TSC sub-county director.



Current TSC Minimum academic and professional Requirements


current requirements

a) For certificate:

Minimum of CPE/KCPE together with ECDE certificate  from KNEC

Minimum grade D+ at KSCE and ECDE certificate  from KNEC

minimum grade D plain at KCSE KNEC  proficiency certificate, ECDE certificate from the KNEC diploma

b) For PTE

Minimum grade is C plain in KCSE and above

PTE certificate from KNEC

Mean grade of  C- for visually and hearing  impaired  persons


c) For Diploma in Education

Minimum grade C plus in KSCE and C+ in the two subjects of specialization

At least a C plain in English

C plain in Mathematics for science based courses.



d) For diplomatic in Education  for  visually  and hearing impaired


minimum grade  C plain in KCSE and above

At least C minus in English and a C plain in mathematics for science based courses



e) For  a bachelors of education

minimum mean grade of C+ and above or its equivalent

C+ plus in two of the subjects of specialization


f) For bachelors of Arts/ science

Minimum grade of C plus in KCSE and above  and C plus in the two subject of specialization.


TSC may refuse to register a teacher due to the following reasons according to section 27 of TSC act 2012 if;


the teacher does not possess the prescribed qualifications above

the teacher is not of good moral character.


he or she has been convicted of criminal offence which renders the person  unfit to be a teacher.


is engaged in any activities which in the opinion  of the commission are prejudicial to peace, good order or  good government of Kenya.

suffer from physical or mental  infirmity which renders the person  incapable to working as a teacher


The commission has the mandate  from the TSC code of regulation to issue an applicant with a duplicate certificate if it get lost, destroyed or misplaced.

This is also done online website. Registration fee for the duplicate certificate is Ksh 2055  paid to the same TSC bank account in National  Bank of Kenya. This fee is always non -refundable.


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