*TSC outlines Bachelor of Science & Arts Degrees Teaching Courses they have Banned completely from permanent employment*

The Teachers Service Commission (TSC) has banned over 25 Bachelor of Science and Arts Degree Teaching Courses. Graduates who undertook training in the courses and were hoping to be registered by TSC will now have to look for employment opportunities elsewhere.


The Commission will not be registering teachers whose training is in subjects that are currently not in the curriculum.


“Applicants for registration whose training is in subjects that are currently NOT in the curriculum do not qualify irrespective of having undertaken a Post Graduate Diploma in Education (PGDE) and/ or Enhancement.” Says the Commission via the current Registration Guidelines for new teachers.


TSC however clarifies that ‘Bachelor of Science or Arts Degree holders with a post Graduate Diploma in Education (PGDE) and two teaching subjects qualify for registration’.



List of Courses Banned by TSC

1. Natural resources


2. Meteorology


3. Forestry


4. Animal husbandry


5. Horticulture


6. Farm machinery


7. Fisheries


8. Anthropology


9. Sociology


10. Theology/Divinity


11. Journalism


12.Kiswahili and Communication


13.Business Management / Administration


14. Banking and Finance


15. Genomics


16. Actuarial Science


17. Environmental Science


18. Criminology


19. Biotechnology and Agriculture


20. All Courses related to Engineering


21. Industrial Chemistry


22. Biochemistry


23. Hospitality and tourism


24. Foods, Nutrition and Dietetics


25. Technology and applied Biology


26. Microbiology

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