TSC Plans To punish profile updating Non-compliance Teachers by doing the following

The teacher service commission is having expectations that as from this term all teachers  registered will start updating their profile online




During this period, teachers will have an opportunity to provide some information which they did not provide during registration.



The link of updating the profile is now online on the TSC portal and all teachers are expected to have a positive response towards it.




Teachers have been reluctant in performing the profile update exercise since TSC didn’t have clear information to Teachers as whether the update was optional or mandatory.




Since now TSC had provided the link online and released  the circular on 28th July 2021, the exercise will be mandatory for every  registered teacher across the country.





During this exercise teachers will have an open opportunity of removing information they provided earlier which they may not be interested.

The deadline of the updating the profile will be on 30th November 2021.





To proceed to updating process click on the link below https://teachersonline.tsc.go.ke/


Requirements to have during updating profile exercise

1. ID or passport in pdf
2.KRA PIN certificate
3. Passport photo – all in one pdf
4. KCPE certificate in pdf
5.KCSE certificate in pdf
6. Tertiary institution certificate in pdf
7. All transcripts in one pdf
8. An affidavit incase  of mismatch of documents in one pdf



You will also need the following basic details

  • ID/Passport
  • Other name- optional
  • First name
  • Surname
  • KRA pin
  • Religion
  • Date of birth
  • Gender
  • Mobile number
  • Nationality
  • Home county
  • Home sub county
  • Division
  • Zone
  • Constituency
  • Impairement type
  • Permanent postal code
  • Permanent postal address
  • Permanent town
  • Current postal address
  • Current postal code
  • Current town








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  1. Fred simiyu says

    Threats and warnings,one after another.when will TSC praise a teacher?