TSC Recruitment 2021/2022:July Mass Recruitment

The teacher service commission today has announced that it is having plans to employ  permanently registered secondary teachers leaving their counterparts primary teachers  who are not employed in large numbers with alot of worry concerning their fate on  future employment.

The government of kenya decided  to have  this plan to solve the problem of shortage of teachers and reduce their workload of teachers in a good number  high schools  across the country due to the recent 100% transition of leaners by Allocating 2.5 Billion shillings  to TSC for the purpose of reruitment of new  registered unemployed teachers.

The commission(TSC)  today through DR. Nancy Macharia said itbwill employ 5,000 teachers permanently  as from  next Month(JULY).

The Teacher Service commissionwill advertise the needed posts in which all the qualified, unemployed and registered teachers will apply.This exercise will be carried repeatedly yearly for the next  three years meaning a toal of 15,000 teachers will be employed in those three years.

On addition to them 3500 intern teachers will also be employed on a two year contract. The teachers employer  TSC   gave out information that it has no any plans to employ the  highest number of unemployed P1  certificate holder’s which is a worrying situation to them.

This is opposite to the early message the commission had where it said that it had plans to employ 37 thousand teachers in the year 2021 so that it will solve the problem of shortage of teachers in secondary schools and lower the massive cases of unemployed teachers.

TSC recruitment for p1 teachers who are registered may have to wait for a period of up to ten years to get employed. This will be a big blow and bad news  to the desperate men and women with the P1 certificates, as well as interns in the field.

This information comes to all the teachers making them to have no clear information as why the commission decided to go against its  initial decision of ensuring that it reduces the number of unemployed teachers in the country.

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