TSC releases new promotion guidelines of teachers catching all teachers unware. Check out for more details below and get prepared

Unlike in the past where promotion was based on teaching experience and how your students are performing TSC has changed promotion guidelines to suit the new curriculum.



In the past teachers who record high performance in their teaching subjects were promoted to another job group with higher pay or promoted to be headteachers or principals.



Also teachers who have taught for along period of time were promoted to he school heads but after the implementation of Competency Based Curriculum (CBC) the following are the new guidelines;-


1.You must be a CBC competent teacher who have undergone all training recommended by TSC.


2.You must have successfully done the refresher courses which will be soon rolled out by TSC which aims at improving teachers level of professionalism.

If you have been found guilty of violation TSC rules and regulations you will never be promoted according to the current changes hence teachers are encouraged to do their profession with discipline and good conduct.



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