TSC says that all secondary teachers will be required to teach 3 subjects from this date, find out more details below

Currently all teachers  teaching in secondary schools teach only two subjects apart from English teachers  who only teach only one. According to the latest Teacher Service Commission(TSC) recommendations, all teachers are expected to be teaching three subjects.



In reference to  a Teacher Service Commission document, the documents outlines that the minimum entry requirements for a teacher intending to join the teaching service , the teacher in secondary schools will have to teach three subjects in  Junior secondary and Senior secondary level.


Information and Communication Technology(ICT) skill will be the additional compulsory additional requirement to all teachers before entering the teaching world.



In relation to all these requirements, many form fours  leaver of 2020 who will be hoping to pursue teaching course at tertial institutions  will have to have a minimum  mean grade in KCSE of C(plus) and have a minimum of a B(minus) in all the three teaching subjects unlike initially where the minimum requirement in teaching subject was a c(plus).



The study Period which was initially four years will be reduced  up to three years for all the teachers. The teachers undertaking Bachelors of science or Arts will have to study for three years and go for a Post Graduate Diploma in Education(PGDE) for a further one year to acquire skills on teachers Education.



If in any scenario there are students who underwent through a training for both Diploma and Degree for teaching course without having the above mentioned requirements, No one among them will be registered or get employment by the Teacher Service Commission.



The Teacher Service Commission(TSC) has proposed  that in review of these new requirements, all training institutions should only admit learners who will be wishing to undertake the teaching course in line with the teacher service commission requirements.



To add on the above requirements , the following are also necessary for a teacher to be registered by TSC

For a Kenyan netizen  registering as a teacher, he or she must  have the following requirements

  1. Must have a certificate of good conduct
  2. Must have a certified copy of identity  card  or passport
  3. Must have a copy of KRA pin certificate
  4. Must have in possession at academic and professional certificate from a recognized institution which is relevant.
  5. Dully filled GP 69  medical form
  6. Tax compliance certificate from KRA
  7. Clearance certificate from  HELB
  8. Certificate in Integration of  ICT in education


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