TSC updated Salary and allowances for newly employed TSC teachers 2021

Freshly employed graduates employed by the Teachers Service Commission, TSC, earn a basic monthly salary of Sh34,955.They are employed at job group C2, formerly known as Job Group K and are Designated Secondary Teacher l.


They are also entitled to paid allowances apart from the basic salary. They earn a monthly commuter allowance of Sh5,000, annual Leave allowance (paid every January) of Sh6,000, and a monthly House allowance of between Sh7,000 to Sh16,500, depending on the area of residence.


Hardship allowance is also paid to those working in gazette hardship areas. As stipulated in the appointment letter, the newly employed teacher remains on probation for a period of not less than six (6) months.


In some cases, the probation period may be extended if the teacher’sperformanceis unsatisfactory

Break down Amount (Kshs)

1 Basic Salary 34,955.00

2 Rental House Allowance 7,500.00

3 Commuter Allowance 5,000.00

4 Total Earnings (Before deductions) 47,455.00


After three years of service, the teacher will automatically be promoted to job group C3, formerly known as job group K. This is after you fill the TSC promotion form.

It is importantto note that the salary will be subjected to deductions before you get your net pay in the account. The deductions are either statutory (HELB, PAYE, NHIF) or third party (loans, savings and union dues).


Holders of Diploma in Education have an entry basic salary of Sh27,195 per month. They are also entitled to various allowances. Primary school teachers enter the teaching service at Grade B5 (Job Group G) with a monthly basic salary of Sh21,756.

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