Unemployed Registered teachers to miss employment opportunity this August, TSC gives further directions on it. Check out

Teachers Service Commission has gainsaid claims suggesting that there will be mass recruitment of internship teachers in this month of August.



This comes after several reports emerged online claiming that the commission is planning to employ more intern teachers to help solve the  shortage of teachers in public secondary schools who are struggling with high numbers of form one enrollment.



Trans Nzoia Education County Director Dickson Ogonya has since warned teachers to avoid being mislead by such reports terming them as rumours. He was speaking during a public forum with teachers in Trans Nzoia county.




Ogonya further retaliated that Teachers Service Commission has moved from its traditional way of carrying out the employment of teachers in the middle of the term.



According to him, this is meant to avoid distracting learning in schools during interviews. This rules out any possibility of  having the internship recruitment  during this period when learners are on schooling .


However, the county Director did not rule out the possibility of the exercise taking place in the near future. He says the teachers’ employer will announce the intern vacancies when it is the right time to do so.




Several reports within the commission indicate that the recruitment of intern teachers is likely to take place during October holiday when schools are closed or December Christmas holiday, as it was in the case last year. This will see their contract run for one calendar year.


On July TSC employed over 6,000 teachers into secondary schools on permanent terms as it also promoted other 1,000 primary teachers to secondary  Schools.



The teachers are likely to report to their stations at the end of this month.



More Teachers will be recruited as interns to solve the teacher shortage in  schools and also have fully preparations on  CBC. This Recruitment exercise is likely to happen in the month of December




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