What teachers and civil Servants are currently doing to evade Covid19 jab will leave you worried, check out the details

After the Teachers Service Commission made it mandatory for their members to take Coronavirus vaccines, it has been reported that some who do not want to take it have devised a clever way around it.




They are said to be bribing some rogue ministry of health officials to be registered as vaccinated and also get the vaccination message.



The bribe amount is said to be as low as 500 shillings. This means that the students will miss their classes if teachers get admitted to hospitals due to Covid-19.





A section of people around the world is still wary about the safety of the vaccines despite assurance from World Health Organization that they are safe.



These people believe that the uptake of the vaccines should be voluntary especially because they were approved for emergency use.




This means that in case the vaccine results in adverse side effects on a person, the manufacturer will not be held liable. There will be no compensation.



However, so far the vaccines have proven safe to those who have already taken them.



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