What the arrest of Mathira member of parliament Rigathi Gachagua means


The rising heat in the Kenyan politics has brought a major devide in Mt.Kenya region which saw the Mathira member of parliament Rigathi Gachagua arrested.

The Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) stated that Gachagua was in connection with an alleged Ksh.12 billion scandal.

However the M.p reiterated the claims and maintained that he was arrested for allegedly embarrassing the administration during the just ended Kiambaa by-elections.

He said “I want to tell the people of Mathira to ignore the rumours, their MP has not stolen anything, these are just baseless accusation to intimidate me for my political standing,” the MP said on Friday “They just wanted to arrest me on Friday and detain me for the weekend to punish me, and it is okay.

The main question which arrises is, why does the arrest come at this time? Political analysts have come out to give their fashion of the story with his Excellency Deputy president terming the whole saga as political.

The arrest comes barely after the just concluded by-election in Kiambaa which saw the ruling party Jubilee loosing the by-election to the underdogs (UDA).

The government (Jubilee) felt ashamed by the defeat leading to exchange of words among the key Jubilee leaders.

His Excellency President Uhuru Kenyatta is therefore adamant that the defeat is really in his disposal.

This is why much is yet expected to happen in Ruto’s camp moreso to those Mt. Kenya leaders allied to him.

President Uhuru Kenyatta may be having a plan to threaten all those allied to the deputy president in mt.kenya region on account of graft.

This is therefore a key project to instill fear in deputy president William Ruto’s supporters. Hence bringing his support down in Mt. Kenya region.

The Mathira M.P has remained in custody since Friday, he is expected to be taken to court on Monday 26th July 2021. The twist his case takes matters so much in the Jubilee camp.

If he fails to explain the ksh12bn scadal and is imprisoned, the  team  behind will have won and this shall interfere with deputy president’s support in the region.

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