Why president Uhuru kenyatta should come in the rescue of Kenyan parents


As the Kenyan economy continues to decline because of covid – 19, the education sector is affected and Kenyan parents are the most affected, pressed on the wall as they pave light for their dear children.

The recent pronunciation of prof magoha as it regards to the fees deduction in education sector as proven to fall in deaf ears as the cry of most parents continues to be heard.

This therefore calls upon president Uhuru kenyatta to come into rescue of the Kenyan parents and try to put stright the following issues.

1. The issue of form one selection.

The whole process of form one selection should be revised for it is seen to benefit the elite. Professor magoha led the process and placed students in different secondary schools .

They then directed parents that students should be taken to the school their children were placed.

What about that student in the most remote area in kamamega county who doesn’t even have access to know where he/she was placed? What about that student called in Meru county from machakos county whose parents are needy?

These questions were not put into consideration and that’s why president Uhuru Kenyatta should come in and try to answer those questions.

2.The issue of fees payment

The cry of most parents about fees payment has reached the public gallery professor magoha directed for a fee deduction but the cry continues.

The 2021 academic year being short, most termactivities have been cancelled and thus a good reason for fee deduction

The cry of parents however persists for they are required to pay the huge fees within a very short period of time.

The ministry should also be directed to make sure that no additional money is levied by the school heads on top of the fees agreed upon by the ministry.

School heads should therefore be made accountable for any school fee unaccounted for

Therefore president Uhuru Kenyatta should come in and work closely with professor Magoha’s ministry to make sure that everything is straight and Kenyan parents are not placed on the wall.

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