Why TPAD is bound to Disintegrate



The Teacher Performance Appraisal and Development system is a tool that allows TSC employed teachers to login and carry out appraisal.
The TPAD tool is a performance evaluation mechanism that assesses the performance of a teacher as per the set standards prescribed by the Teachers Service Commission(TSC).The system was introduced by teachers service commission in Kenya in 2016 to monitor and evaluate the teacher’s stadards.


Since it’s introduction, it has been embraced by all teachers. Initially,teachers took it seriously until they realised that its value is only showing formality.


Therefore the system is soon going to loose value and fall apart because of the following reasons.
1. The ‘formality’ reason.
Teachers service commission hardly follows the data filled by the teachers. This has made teachers fo fill the TPAD ‘just for the sake’ and for formality reason.
This has seen teachers fill TPAD in the first week of the term so as to do away with the headache.



Teachers service commission rule is ‘fill tpad’ and no one may question on what has been filled.
Soon, the TPAD thing is bound to loose it’s value and teaches service commission will do away with it.


2.Re-occurence of Sampling and regency errors
Sampling Error.
This occurs when a rater uses a small portion of an employee’s work to draw a conclusion.Depending on the number of teachers, tsc can not have time to go through every teachers appraisal data.



This makes them to depend on sampling inorder to draw conclusions. With no proper emphasis, the same problem will keep on re- occuring making tpad to loose it’s value.


Regency And Primary Errors.
Employee behavior at the start of the appraisal period and at the end can affect the process.Teachers can always appraise themselves at a certain point without considering the whole period of teaching.



Overall, appraisals are good only if the management operating them stick with their standards otherwise it will be pointless.
If TSC fails to fix and show teachers how TPAD is important,it will loose its value and soon fall apart.


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