Why TSC is likely to pay Teachers Today

After a week’s break, schools have today opened the doors for the academic year 2021.
The first, second and third terms will run for a period of 30 weeks. This will be a period of serious study for the learners and even commitments of teachers.
All the students are starting their next classes. Importantly, the grade four students who are leading the CBC are beginning the grade five curriculum today as they report for the first term.
The government has released money to the schools to facilitate the stay of the students in the schools.
However, school principals lament that the amount disbursed is always less and there are delays. They want the education ministry to revise the capitation fee per child to enable schools prepare well enough to have students in school without any problems .
As teachers open schools today, they will have to revert to COVID-19 containment measures. This is to make schools safe for children.
Till yesterday, the infection rate stood at 12%. The inauguration comes at a time when the government has warned of another spike in the COVID-19 infection rate.
Many teachers are likely not to report to schools today or even this week.
To avoid this, TSC will disburse salaries to banks for  teachers
TSC’s localization policy has ensured that these teachers stay away from their stations. Teachers need money to facilitate their movements and existence.
Many of them are also parents who are going up and down to see their kids in schools.
Prolonged delay of salary by TSC will have forced  some teachers to miss reporting to schools for  entire week.
Teachers  majorly depend on their salaries as most of them are parents who prepare their kids back to school.
With payment today, all these problems will be solved and reporting will be instant as from tomorrow to help learners
Expect some ‘white smoke  in your banks, today.

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